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Gmail - Introduction

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This 1 Day Gmail training course is suitable for beginners to the application. Delegates will come away from the course with the ability to manage their email, contacts, calendars, reminders and more.

Login and Settings

  •     Use Google Chrome - recommended browser



  •     Getting to know your Gmail links/display
  •     Gmail Settings Create and Send Messages



  •     Sending, replying, attachments and printing
  •     What is a draft message
  •     Dragging images into messages 


Conversation View or Message View

  •     Conversations vs. messages
  •     Unthread your conversations


Working with Messages and Labels

  •     Signatures, Labels, and Filters
  •     Create nested labels
  •     Drag and labels


Manage and Sort Messages

  •     Create an email Filter (Rules in Lotus Note)
  •     Clean out your Inbox by archiving old mail
  •     Be more productive with Priority Inbox
  •     "Sort" messages using keyword search



  •     Email, find and manage your contacts 
  •     Create personal groups and mailing lists


Using Tasks and Chat

  •     Using the Task Gadget
  •     Chat in Gmail
  •     Send instant messages


How to Delegate an Email

  •     Setting up Gmail delegation
  •     Set up mail delegation


 GMail training courses in Belfast Northern Ireland


Calendar Overview

  •     Google Calendar overview
  •     Google Calendar Interactive Tour


Manage your Calendar

  •     Creating Events in Google Calendar
  •     Scheduling, invitations, attachments, and printing
  •     Google Calendar Notification



  •     Setup reminders, sharing
  •     Share Google Calendars
  •     Layer multiple calendars
  •     Create a team calendar
  •     Set up event reminder


How to delegate a Calendar

  •     Set up Google Calendar Delegation
  •     Access your manager`s calendar

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Gmail Introduction

Enquire About This Course
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