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Go Live - Intro

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Our 2 day Introduction to Adobe GoLive training course teaches attendees how to successfully develop, edit, and manage web sites using Adobe GoLive.


Knowledge of the windows interface would be required. No experience of Adobe GoLive is necessary.



Course is ideal for anyone who wishes to master the fundamentals of building, editing, and managing web sites using Adobe GoLive


Course Content

Getting to Know the Work Area

  • Using the View and Window menus
  • Customizing the workspace
  • Working with the document window
  • Using the Document and Source Views
  • Previewing your document in GoLive
  • Setting Preferences and Web Settings

Creating a GoLive Site

  • What is a site?
  • Understanding the Files tab
  • Saving a new page into the Files tab
  • Adding existing files to a blank site
  • Adding a file saved from Photoshop
  • Creating site colors
  • Adding site objects to a page
  • Closing and re-opening your site
  • Creating a GoLive site from existing files
  • Organizing the site window
  • Navigating within a site
  • Using the Navigation View

Creating Page Layouts in GoLive

  • Layout grid-based designs
  • Table-based designs
  • CSS-based designs 
  • Using the CSS-based layout grid
  • Using HTML tables for page layout
  • Spanning rows and columns
  • Creating and saving table styles
  • Importing text into a table
  • Using layers
  • Liquid layouts

Creating Navigational Links

  • About links
  • Opening the site
  • Adding and Formatting Text 
  • Importing and working with text
  • Creating lists from text
  • Setting text color
  • Using the CSS palette and editor
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Formatting the body text of your page
  • Exporting an Internal Style Sheet

Working with Color

  • Setting page background color
  • Setting page background color with CSS

Using Graphics in GoLive

  • Creating the page
  • Placing the top image
  • Creating an image map
  • Adding alt text
  • Smart Objects
  • Text to Banner
  • Aligning an image
  • Cropping a Smart object

Adding Interactivity: Rollovers and Actions

  • Setting up your rollover buttons

Creating Forms

  • About forms
  • Setting the tabbing order
  • Exploring on your own
  • Using Stationeries, Components, Page Templates, and Snippets
  • What is the difference?
  • Creating a component file
  • Using snippets
  • Creating a stationery file
  • Saving a page template file
  • Using the page template

Using Site Diagrams

  • Creating a new site diagram

Managing and Publishing Web Sites

  • GoLive site management and publishing
  • Importing an existing site into GoLive CS2
  • Converting the site into GoLive structure
  • Exploring on your own
  • Using Version Cue and Bridge with GoLive CS2
  • Working with Version Cue
  • Working with Adobe Bridge

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Adobe Go Live - Introduction

Enquire About This Course
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