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InDesign CS5 CS6 CC Advanced

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Our Advanced InDesign training teaches attendees the sophisticated techniques they need for producing polished InDesign CS5 CS6 CC documents.



Attendance Of Mullan Training's Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS4 or equivalent experience.


Course Content

Customizing Your Workflow

  • Workspace, Navigation, Menus & Plug-ins
  • Advanced Document Settings
  • Advanced Preferences
  • Advanced Navigation
  • Default Tool Settings
  • Using Adobe Bridge with InDesign

Advanced Type Techniques

  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Working with Type
  • Advanced Rules
  • Advanced Paragraph Options
  • Using Languages
  • Typing on a Path
  • Inserting Text Variables
  • Putting Images inside of Type
  • Aligning Text to a Baseline Grid
  • Importing & Exporting Type
  • Flowing Type
  • Adjust Optical Margin Alignment with the Story Panel
  • Using Glyphs & Glyph Sets
  • Understanding OpenType Fonts
  • Setting Tabs
  • Using the Eyeper for Type

Using Type Styles

  • Why Use Styles?
  • Character Styles vs. Paragraph Styles
  • Working with Next Styles
  • Applying Nested Styles
  • Repeating Nested Styles
  • Nesting Line Styles & GREP Styles

Working With Images

  • Exploring the Info & Links Panels
  • Importing Graphics & Using s
  • Using Image Shortcuts
  • Advanced Text Wrap Options
  • Placing an InDesign Document inside an InDesign Document
  • Working with Illustrator/ Photoshop Files in InDesign

Working With Objects

  • When to Use an Object Style
  • Building an Anchored Object
  • Using Object Styles on Anchored Objects

Using Tables

  • Basic Table Options
  • Creating & Applying a Table Style
  • Importing Microsoft® Excel® Documents

Stroking, Aligning & Transforming

  • Advanced Stroke Panel Options
  • Advanced Alignment Options
  • Advanced Transform Options

Advanced Colour Techniques

  • Color Panel vs. Swatches Panel
  • Color Management
  • Creating Colors
  • Using the Kuler?¢?€?¢ Panel

Applying Effects

  • Adjusting Eff­ect Settings
  • Using the Directional Feather & Gradient Feather Tools
  • Using Blend Modes

Advanced Find/Change Options

  • Find/Change Text Attributes
  • Find/Change GREP
  • Find/Change Glyphs
  • Find/Change Object Attributes

Working With Pages

  • Page Setup
  • Section Options & Moving Pages
  • Basing Master Pages on Other Master Pages
  • Advanced Guide Features
  • Rotating Spreads

Libraries & Snippets

  • Using Libraries
  • Using Snippets

Outputting Documents

  • Building a Pre-flight
  • Transparency Flattener Settings & PDF/X-1a
  • Exploring the InDesign Interchange Format & Component Info
  • Working with Print Presets

Creating Books

  • Building a Book & Numbering the Pages
  • Synchronizing a Book
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Defining a Running Header
  • Generating an Index

Working With XML

  • Exporting XML
  • Importing XML

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InDesign Advanced

Enquire About This Course
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