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Working with Text and Graphic Objects

  • Layering Objects
  • Applying And Changing Borders
  • Making An Object Transparent Or Opaque
  • Applying A Shadow
  • Using Object Linking And Embedding
  • Finding And Replacing Text
  • Exporting Text

Advanced Text Features

  • Changing Character Spacing
  • Changing Character-Pair Kerning
  • Working With Symbols
  • Changing Text Frame Margins
  • Creating Bulleted And Numbered Lists
  • Working With Tabs; Indenting Text
  • Working With Text Styles
  • Using Personal Information Sets
  • Using WordArt

Mail Merge

  • Setting Up Source Data
  • Using Placeholders
  • Checking Merged Information
  • Sorting An Address List
  • Printing A Mail Merge

Creating Publications

  • Defining Styles
  • Saving Work In Progress
  • Creating New Pages; Deleting Pages

Advanced Tables

  • Changing How Cell Data Looks
  • Merging And Unmerging Cells
  • Adding Objects To A Table

Page Design

  • Using The Design Gallery
  • Creating A Logo
  • Creating A Headline
  • Wrapping Text Round Frames And Pictures

Printing And E-Mailing

  • Preparing A Publication For Commercial Printing
  • Printing On Special Paper
  • Establishing Trapping Values
  • Embedding Fonts In A Publication
  • Sending A Publication By E-Mail

Creating A Web Site

  • Introduction To The World Wide Web
  • Benefits Of A Web Site
  • Designing A Web Site
  • Using The Web Site Wizards
  • Creating Web Pages
  • Using Animated Graphics
  • Adding Sound And Video Clips
  • Creating An On-Line Form
  • Changing Your Web Site Design
  • Previewing And Publishing Your Web Site

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Enquire About This Course
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