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QuarkXpress - Adv

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This is a 1 Day fast moving, hands-on course for experienced QuarkXPress users who want to discover the most effective ways to work in a professional environment.


Good Mac or PC skills. Delegates should have attended our Introduction to QuarkXPress course or have a good working knowledge of QuarkXpress.


You will look at items covered in the introductory course in more detail and explore the use of the Bezier and list functions.

Course Content

Text and Typography

  • Setting a baseline grid
  • Locking text to a grid
  • Aligning text within a grid
  • Kerning/tracking table edit
  • En and Em space/dashes
  • Customising the flex space

H and J's

  • Creating and applying H & J's
  • Non-breaking hyphens
  • Hyphenation exceptions
  • Find/change and search criteria
  • Text Flow

Advanced Runaround

  • Running text around embedded paths
  • Alpha channels and clipping options
  • Running text around all sides

Bezier Boxes and Lines

  • Drawing Bezier lines/boxes
  • Editing Bezier points and segments
  • Changing boxes to Bezier items
  • Drawing freehand lines/boxes

Text paths

  • Creating text paths
  • Aligning text on a path
  • Creating Bezier shapes from text
  • Creating picture boxes from text 

Items Advanced

  • Merging/splitting items
  • Changing item content
  • Flipping asymmetrical items
  • Working with tables
  • Style sheets advanced
  • Master pages advanced
  • Creating an index
  • Creating lists and tables of contents ?€?Creating books

Colour Advanced

  • Features of spot and process models
  • Colour management preferences
  • Introduction to Trapping
  • Setting trapping preferences
  • Trapping exceptions colour by colour
  • Trapping exceptions item by item


  • Importing PDf files
  • Exporting PDf files

Pre-Press Checks

  • Font/picture usage
  • Colour separation
  • Collect for output
  • Proof printing
  • Creating crop/cut marks
  • Page set-up options
  • PPD manager
  • Print options
  • Capturing print settings
  • Print styles

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QuarkXpress - Advanced

Enquire About This Course
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