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Access - Adv 2010/2013/365

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Our 1 day Advanced Microsoft Access training course is suitable for those with a sound working knowledge of Microsoft Access 2010, Microsoft 2013 or Microsoft 365 and who wish to progress to the most complicated functions and features.

Access 2013


A working knowledge of Access or our Introduction to MS Access course will allow sufficient knowledge to attend our Advanced MS Access course.



  • At the end of this course you will have a complete understanding of the higher functions of Access.
  • You will learn to automate functions by creating simple and then very advanced macros.
  • You will advance your querying ability and then to use SQL statements in your queries.
  • You will discover how to work with objects, and the fundamentals of database management.
  • Finally you will be taught how to protect your valuable data sources.
  • You will then be qualified to progress to our VBA Access course.


Course Content

Create Expressions

  • For Use Within Reports, Queries, Forms, Macros
  • Definition Of (Symbols, Fields, Identifiers, Operators, Functions)
  • Use To Define Calculated Control, Establish Validation Rule, Create Calculated Field
  • Use To Set Condition For Running A Macro
  • Create Using The Expression Builder


  • Create Forms With Macros To Create A User Interface
  • Create Custom Dialogue Boxes (Set Properties - Modal, Popup, Etc)
  • Create Forms With Multiple Subforms
  • Calculated Fields
  • Use Expression Builder To Limit To Displayed Records
  • Picture (Picture Properties, As Background, Etc - Also For Report)


  • Specify Grouping Levels (Grouping Header/ Footer, Group On, Group Interval, Keep Together)
  • Calculated Fields
  • Report Properties (Force New Page, Keep Together, Events, Etc)
  • Create Mailing Labels And Charts From Table/ Query Data


  • Create A Macro (Actions, Arguments)
  • Autoexec Macro
  • Macro Functions (Setvalue, Setmenu Item, Msgbox, Run, Etc)
  • Add An Action To A Macro
  • Move An Action In A Macro
  • Enter An Expression In A Macro Action Argument


  • Use The ! And . (Dot)Operators
  • Expressions
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Parameter Queries - With The Criteria Provided From A Form (Standard Or Custom Dialogue)
  • Action Queries (Update, , Append)
  • AutoLookup & Crosstab Queries
  • Calculated Fields


 Expression Builder with Microsoft Advanced training courses in Belfast NI

We are currently delivering Online Access training via our Virtual Classroom - see our websites for more info:


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Access Advanced

Enquire About This Course
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