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HOT COURSE - Introduction to Microsoft Excel Training in Belfast Northern Ireland OR On your Own Premises - Call NOW to Book

17 May 2023

Online and Classroom Based Courses Now Available:

  • Delivered From Our Belfast City Centre Training Suites
  • Fully Interactive & Instructor Led
  • Hands on


  • 1 day Intro to MS Excel course - delivered via our virtual classrooms - fully interactive & instructor led.
  • Our 1 day Microsoft Excel Introduction course is suitable for complete beginners to Microsoft Excel.


A working knowledge of Windows is required, or our Introduction to MS Windows course. No experience of MS Excel is required.


At the end of this course you will have a good working knowledge of Excel basics. You will feel more confident using Excel and be able to create a spreadsheet from scratch. Understanding and using some of the built in calculation and formula functionality will allow you to be more productive in your work and home Excel environments. Spreadsheets that you create will be easier to use and look more presentable.

After completing this course you will be prepared to attend our Advanced MS Excel training course.

Course Content

Screen Tour

  • Toolbars & Menu Bar
  • Sheets

Basic File Operations

  • Open, Close
  • Save & Save As
  • Print & Print Preview
  • Set Print Area

Formulae & Functions

  • Operators & Precedence
  • Standard Functions (Sum, Average, Max, Min, Etc)
  • Replicate Command (Use With Formula/ Functions, Fill Formats/ Series/ Trends, Days, Etc)

Cell References

  • Absolute
  • Relative

Range Names

  • Create New, Modify Existing
  • Use With Formula


  • Customise Existing
  • Create New

Sorting Data

  • Header Row
  • Ascending/ Descending Order
  • Use First Key Sort Order (For Custom Lists)

Format Cells

  • Text & Numerical (Data)
  • Patterns & Borders, Alignment
  • Wrap Text, Centre Across ion
  • Merge Cells

Spreadsheet Operations

  • Split & Freeze Window
  • Rows & Columns
  • Adjust Row & Column Height/ Width


  • Embedded Chart
  • Sheet Chart
  • Options (Titles, Legends, Data Labels, Data Table, Etc)

Customising Page Setup

  • Orientation & Margins
  • Headers & Footers
  • Gridlines, Titles & Page Order
  • Scale Print
  • Set Row & Column Headings
  • Split Screen

Sheet Operations

  • Insert & Rename
  • Rename
  • Copy/ Move Within Current File And To External Files
  • Group Sheets (Select Adjacent & Non-Adjacent Sheets)
  • Link Worksheets Within A Single File
  • Link Worksheets to External Files


  • Protect Cell Ranges
  • Password Protect Files
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