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Introduction to Microsoft Project Training in Belfast Northern Ireland OR On Your Own Premises

18 March 2020

Intro to Microsoft Project Course

Microsoft Project, the world's most popular project management software, is a powerful application that you can use to efficiently plan, manage, and communicate project information.

If you need software to handle dynamic scheduling, manage resources, and support better communication, Microsoft Project is the tool for you.

It is designed for anyone who oversees a team, plans a budget, juggles schedules, or has deadlines to meet - in short, anyone who manages a project as part of their job in today's busy working world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to:

  • Courses can be customised to suit your requirements
  • Have us review your own project plan(s)prior to your booking or attending

Course Outline - 2 days


  • Start Project
  • Summary Information ?€? Project, Stats, and Document
  • Link Projects & Projects Into An Existing Project
  • Consolidate Project Files (Link Files & Set The Update Links Option)
  • Resource Pool (Create & Use To Share Resources; Set Precedence)

Gantt Chart

  • Interpretation Of
  • Change The Timescale
  • Customise Screen & Chart

Network Diagram

  • Zoom To Preview
  • Customise Nodes
  • Display On Single Page For Printing

Additional Views

  • Use & Customise Calendar
  • What Are Resource Usage/ Resource Graph Views
  • Switch Between Views From Within Split View

Task Relationships

  • The 4 Relationship Types
  • Establish Links
  • How To Use Slack
  • Lag & Lead Time
  • Outline The Schedule (ie Create Subtasks)

Task Properties

  • Task Duration Types
  • Fixed Duration Scheduling & Resource Driven Scheduling
  • Milestones
  • Assign Fixed Costs & Time Restrictions
  • Assign Priorities (For Leveling)
  • Create & Assign WBS Codes
  • Split Tasks
  • Sort Tasks
  • Set Time Constraints & Deadlines


  • Use Standard
  • Create Custom
  • Autofilters

Critical Path

  • GanttChart Wizard
  • Display With Filter/Group


  • Create Using
    1. Resource Sheet
    2. Resource Assignment Button
    3. Task Information Dialogue Box
  • Assign To Tasks
  • Task Usage
  • Associate With Calendars
  • Specify Project Availability
  • Create Schedule Of Rates

Resource Overallocation

  • Identify Affected Tasks
  • Resolve Overallocation - Manually & By Automatic Leveling
  • Leveling By Task Priority

Reduce Project Duration

  • Lag & Lead Time
  • Add Resources To Appropriate Tasks (Resource Driven)


  • Base, Project & Resource Calendar
  • Create Custom Calendars & Assign To Project & Resources
  • Edit Existing Calendar - Change Working Times, etc
  • Copy Between Project Files And To Templates

Baseline Plan

  • Use Of
  • Set Baseline/ Save Interim Plan For Entire Project Or ed Tasks
  • Update Baseline to Reflect Practical Changes

Track Project Progress

  • Change Current Date Of Active Project
  • Enter Actual Data For Current/ Completed Tasks
  • Track In-Progress Tasks
  • Update Task & Project Progress
  • Use Reports & Statistics To View Project Progress 
  • Compare Actual Progress with baseline plan - using alternative display formats

Reports & Views

  • View & Customise Existing Reports
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Customise Views


  • Create New & Modify Existing
  • Copy Calendars, Views & Reports To Existing Templates/ Projects


Custom Fields

  • Create New
  • Introduce Fields To Tables & Reports
  • Use Value Lists To Normalise Data Entry
  • Create Formula Fields
  • Graphical Indicators (Cost)

Pert Analysis

  • Why Use Optimistic And Pessimistic Scenarios
  • 3 Duration Types (Optimistic, Pessimistic, And Expected)
  • Use Custom & Default Weightings


  • Identify High-Risk Tasks, Budget Risks & Resource Risks
  • Specify Risk Probability
  • Reduce Risks By Updating Project Plan

Discounts on Public Courses

  • Held at Mullan Training Suites - Opposite Europa Hotel
  • Full price for 1st delegate
  • 10% reduction 2nd delegate
  • 20% for 3rd and subsequent delegates
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