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Access - Intro 2010/2013/365

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Our 2 day Introduction to MS Access course is suitable for complete beginners to Microsoft Access 2010, Microsoft Access 2013 or Microsoft Access 365.

Access 2013


A working knowledge of Windows is required, or our Introduction to MS Windows course. No experience of MS Access is required.


  • At the end of this course, you will have a good working knowledge of MS Access. You will feel more confident using Access, and be able to create a database from scratch.
  • Understanding and using tables, fields and records and the rules for entering your data is the foundation from which you can create simple queries, use forms and, ultimately create reports.
  • After completing this course you will be prepared to attend the Advanced MS Access training course.

Relationships and Tables with Access Intro training courses in Belfast Northern Ireland


Course Content

Access Basics

  • Familiarity with access screen
  • Ribbon and toolbar explanations
  • Prebuilt database template access and creation

Database Terms Planning

  • An explanation of databases in general, database objects within access and terminology
  • Plan your Database (Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, Pages and Modules)
  • Plan a database structure. (tables) (normalisation Techniques)
  • Create a new database file

Working with Tables

  • Design a Table, Conventions for entering Naming objects and fields (Design View)
  • Create a table in datasheet view and edit field names
  • Select data types and enter field descriptions
  • Set a Primary Key
  • Remove a Primary Key
  • Define Field Properties (Default values, Input masks, Validation rules and format options)
  • Insert, Move and Rename Fields (design view and datasheet view)
  • Create a Table with a Wizard
  • Using the ribbon to set field properties

 access Introduction course outline

Entering and Editing Data

  • Accessing objects through the navigation pane
  • Switch between object Tabs
  • Switch Views in Access (design, layout and data entry)
  • Entering and Editing Data (Records & Fields)
  • Navigating the datasheet
  • Working in Data Entry Mode
  • Sorting Data, Finding & Replacing Data
  • Hiding and Un hiding Fields
  • Create multiple tables to normalise data


  • Relationships explained
  • Different types of relationships (one to many etc)
  • Conditions needed for setting up a relationship
  • Ensuring Referential Integrity
  • Printing Relationships in a Report
  • Insert Sub Datasheets into a table
  • Change or remove Sub Datasheets from a table
  • Expand and Contract Sub Datasheets
  • Enter data in related tables

Queries & Filters

  • Create a filter by selection
  • Create a filter by form
  • Use AND/ OR options
  • Save a filter as a select query
  • Run a Select Query
  • Build a query from the create ribbon
  • Creating a query using a wizard
  • Build a query using the Query Design Window
  • Adding fields to a query, choose which fields to show
  • Removing fields from a query
  • Sort data in a select query
  • Enter Text, numeric, date, and logic criteria
  • Enter sub string searches using wild Card Characters
  • Use the BETWEEN, AND, OR, NOT, NULL criteria in your query
  • Calculate a field
  • Concatenate text
  • Save and name a query
  • Rename, edit or a query

Multi Table Queries

  • Build a query across more than one table
  • Joining Tables for a query (more relationships)
  • Setting Join Properties - Inner and Outer Joins
  • Find Unmatched records Query Wizard
  • Find Duplicate records Query Wizard

Creating Forms

  • Create a Form using the Auto Form tool Tabular/Datasheet/Pivot Form wizard
  • Create a Form using the Form Wizard
  • Create a form in design view
  • Create a form in layout view
  • Understand the views and switch between them
  • Setting data source for a form
  • Setting the data source using SQL source code
  • The Field List
  • Resizing Forms
  • Control types
  • Adding controls
  • Resize and Move Controls
  • Changing control properties
  • Selecting Controls
  • Formatting Controls
  • Use the Format Painter and AutoFormat
  • Set basic form properties
  • Data Entry in Forms
  • Navigation in data entry view
  • Add, edit, a record in form view


  • Standard Reports using Wizard
  • Insert, Move, Size and controls
  • Editing record source
  • Page setup
  • Print your report


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