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Access VBA

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Access VBA - Training Course in Belfast NI

This 2 day course is suitable for Advanced users of Microsoft Access 2007, Microsoft Access 2010 or Microsoft 2013; responsible for managing very large and variable amounts of data, or teams, who want to learn how to program features and functions to improve the accessibility and usability of their data.


A high proficiency of Microsoft Access is essential, or completion of our Advanced MS Access course.

Access VBA Intro training courses Belfast Northern Ireland


At the end of the course the delegate will have covered the fundamentals of VBA, including:

  • Working with procedures and functions
  • Understanding objects
  • Using expressions, variables and intrinsic functions.

They will have mastered how to:

  • Control program execution
  • Work with forms and controls
  • Work with the PivotTable object

The course also includes modules on:

  • Debugging code
  • Handling errors to ensure minimal downtime while building and effecting the program

Access VBA training courses in Belfast Northern Ireland


Course Content

The VBA Programming Environment

  • When to use Visual Basic for Applications instead of Macros
  • Visual Basic for Applications Development Environment

Programming in the VBA Language Code Compilation

  • Finding Bugs

Error Handling in VBA

  • Ignoring Errors
  • Trapping Errors
  • Writing Useful Error Handlers

Class Modules and Form-Event Procedures

  • Using Form Events
  • Code Behind Forms
  • Changing Form Properties
  • Creating New Form Instances

Manipulating Data through Data Access Objects and SQL

  • Data Access Objects (DAO)
  • Opening Databases Programmatically
  • Database and Recordset Objects
  • Manipulating Data with VBA Methods
  • Finding Records in a Recordset
  • Editing Data in a Recordset
  • Using Recordsets to Manipulate Imported Data
  • Creating, Using and Deleting Queries from VBA

Changing Database Definitions through VBA

  • Using SQL to Manipulate Databases

Access VBA training courses in Belfast NI


We are currently delivering Online Access VBA training via our Virtual Classroom - see our websites for more info:


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Click here to download our Course Outline:

Access VBA

Enquire About This Course
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