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Crystal Reports - Level 3

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We are currently delivering Online Crystal Reports training via our Virtual Classroom - see our websites for more info:



  • Creating reports
  • Formatting
  • Grouping
  • Summarizing
  • Selecting records
  • Summary Drill Down
  • Linking
  • Formulas
  • CrossTabs

Advanced Formulas

  • Creating multiple statement formulas
  • Using variables
  • Understanding two-pass reporting
  • Using evaluation time functions
  • Creating running totals
  • Adding User Functions Libraries (UFLs)

Conditional Formatting

  • Types of formatting
  • Absolute formatting
  • Conditional on/off formatting
  • Conditional attribute formatting
  • Using the highlighting feature

Multiple Sections

  • Inserting sections
  • Splitting Sections
  • Moving sections
  • Deleting sections
  • Multiple section formats (underlay following sections)
  • Example uses (watermark, shading every other record, creating different header/footers, different form letters, suppress blank lines)

Parameter Fields

  • Creating parameter fields
  • Using parameter fields in record selection formula

Advanced CrossTabs

  • Multiple rows, columns and summarised fields
  • Formatting CrossTabs
  • Using formulas, parameter fields in crosstabs
  • Simulated CrossTabs


  • What are subreports?
  • Linked subreports
  • Unlinked subreports
  • On-demand subreports

Creating Data Sources

  • Using Access files


  • Creating a graph on summary fields
  • Graphing on multiple summary values
  • Graphing on CrossTabs
  • Editing and formatting graphs

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Crystal Reports_Level 3

Enquire About This Course
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