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Excel - Intro 2010/2013/365

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Our 1 day Microsoft Excel Introduction course is suitable for complete beginners to Microsoft Excel 2016 & Microsoft Excel 365.

We are currently delivering:

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  • A working knowledge of Windows is required
  • No experience of MS Excel is required.


At the end of this course you will:

  • Have a good working knowledge of Excel basics
  • Feel more confident using Excel and be able to create a spreadsheet from scratch & update existing spreadsheets that you have 'inherited'
  • Understand how formula & functions work - edit existing & create your own

During the course, delegates will work through structured exercises, gaining experience in creating new spreadsheets & editing existing spreadsheets



Tips For Setting Up Your Spreadsheet Properly

• How To Structure Your Spreadsheet To Maximise Efficiency
• Ensure Your Data Is Entered Correctly
(Dates, Numbers, Text eg 0032)
• Understand How Excel ‘Thinks’ & Why It Behaves As It Does

Using Formulas In Microsoft Excel
• Entering Formulas
o Math Operators + - * / % $
o Order Of Operations
• Entering Functions
o Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max
• Using The Replicate Node To Copy Formulas And
• Relative And Absolute Cell References

• Font Formatting
• Cell Formatting:
o Formats For Number, Currency, %age, Date
o Border& Fill
o Merge Cells & Centre Across Selection
o Text Wrapping Within A Cell
o Aligning Cell Contents Horizontally & Vertically
o Using The Format Painter

Updating How Your Sheets Look When Printed
• Setting Margins
• Setting Page Orientation (Portrait/ Landscape)
• Setting The Print Area
• Print Scaling
o Print At Set %Age
o Set Pages To Print At ? Wide By ? Tall
• Headers And Footers:
o Page Numbering
o File Path & Filename
o Date & Time Of Print
• Gridlines
• Print Sheet Titles On Every Page
o Row & Column Headers

Working With Rows And Columns
• Inserting Rows & Columns
• Deleting Rows & Columns
• Hiding And Unhiding Rows & Columns
• Modifying Column Widths:
o Using 'Drag’
o Automatically To Fit Contents
• Modifying Row Heights

Working With Sheets
• Add & Rename
• Hide & Unhide
• Move & Copy
• Change Tab Colour
• Freeze Title Panes & Split Window
• View Multiple Sheets Side By Side

• Visualising Your Data By Creating Column/ Bar/ Bar
• Updating Chart:
o Titles
o Data Labels
o Colours

Sorting Data

Filtering Data

Excel Introduction - with Mullan Training:

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Enquire About This Course
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