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Excel Expert MOS Exam Skill Standards

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Exam skill standards are categories of examination tasks, identified by subject-matter experts, that certify an ability to productively use Microsoft Office Programmes. These categories are organised within skill sets representing the more basic functions of each Office Programme.

Exam skill standards and skill sets for the Microsoft Office Word exam are provided below to assist in your exam preparation.

Organizing and Analyzing Data

  • Use subtotals
  • Define and apply advanced filters
  • Group and outline data
  • Use data validation
  • Create and modify list ranges
  • Add, show, close, edit, merge, and summarize scenarios
  • Perform data analysis using automated tools
  • Create PivotTable and PivotChart reports
  • Use Lookup and Reference functions
  • Use Database functions
  • Trace formula precedents, dependents, and errors 
  • Locate invalid data and formulas
  • Watch and evaluate formulas
  • Define, modify, and use named ranges
  • Structure workbooks using XML

Formatting Data and Content

  • Create and modify custom data formats
  • Use conditional formatting
  • Format and resize graphics
  • Format charts and diagrams


  • Protect cells, worksheets, and workbooks
  • Apply workbook security settings
  • Share workbooks
  • Merge workbooks
  • Track, accept, and reject changes to workbooks

Managing Data and Workbooks

  • Import data to Excel
  • Export data from Excel
  • Publish and edit Web worksheets and workbooks
  • Create and edit templates
  • Consolidate data
  • Define and modify workbook properties

Customizing Excel

  • Customize toolbars and menus
  • Create, edit, and run macros; Modify Excel default settings

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Excel Expert Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Skill Standards

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