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Excel VBA - Adv

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We are currently delivering Online & Classroom Excel VBA Advanced training - Classroom Based Training is delivered at our Belfast City Centre Premises in Amelia Street (based just opposite the Europa Hotel):


Excel VBA - Advanced Course Outline

Brief Overview of Previous Course

  • Consolidate areas of the Previous Course(s)

Excel VBA Advanced training courses in Belfast City Centre Northern Ireland

Excel Objects

  • Calling Methods
  • Passing Arguments
  • Singular Objects & Collections Of Objects


  • Dimensioning A VariableM
  • Object Variables

Using Visual Basic Functions

  • Using A Set Statement

Building Formulae Control Structures

  • Case Decision Structures
  • Case Else
  • Comparison Operators With Case Structure
  • While...Wend Statement

Event Handling

  • VBA Editing & Debugging
  • Auto Macros
  • Error Handling

Advanced Excel VBA Training Belfast NI - by Mullan Training

Running Code

  • Run Mode And Design Mode
  • Running Code From The Development Environment
  • Running Code From The Host Application

Storing Information

  • The Windows Registry
  • Settings Files
  • WritePrivateProfileString

Debugging and Error Trapping

  • Errors
  • Break Mode
  • Instant Watch
  • Stepping
  • Error Handling
  • Error Handling Example

Worksheet and Workbook Events

  • Worksheet Object Events


  • Validating The User Inputs
  • When To Apply Validation, Control Events


  • Parsing Control Values Back To A Spreadsheet
  • Parsing Range Values To The Userform Controls


  • Creating Template Controls
  • Using The Refedit Control
  • Finding The Active Control
  • Creating Controls At Runtime

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Microsoft Excel VBA Advanced

Enquire About This Course
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