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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers Training Course in Belfast and Throughout NI

This practical 1 Day non-IT course will help managers

  • develop their financial understanding
  • understand how their decisions affect an organisation?€™s financial performance
  • demystify the jargon
  • explore key ratios
  • examine key trends and areas for concern.

Course Outline

Finance and accounting training courses in Belfast Northern Ireland

Your Role in Your Company Finances

What is Finance?

Getting to Know the Players

Record Keeping Terminology

  •  Accounting 
  •  GAAP 
  •  Bookkeeping 


 Finance for Non-Financial Managers training course in Belfast NI

The Balance Sheet

  •  Balance Sheet Overview 
  •  Balance Sheet Terms 
  •  Assets and Liabilities 
  •  Fixed vs Current Assets 
  •  Liabilities and Equity 


Profit and Loss (Income) Statement

  •  Service and Sales Income 
  •  Methods of Recording Transactions 


Cash Flow Statement

  •  Format of a Cash Flow Statement 
  •  Credit Terms and Discounts 


Analysing Financial Statements

  •  Ratio Analysis 


Budget Basics

  •  Defining a Budget 
  •  Preparing a Budget  
  •  Types of Budget 



The Human Aspect

Finance Jeopardy

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Enquire About This Course
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