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Frontpage - Intro

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This 2 day course introduces students to MS FrontPage.


Knowledge of the windows interface would be required. No experience of MS FrontPage is necessary.


Students will learn how to

  • create and edit web pages using Microsoft FrontPage.
  • Create attractive web pages that include text, graphics, tables, forms, internal and external links, and a logical navigation scheme.

Course Content


  • Overview Of Sites, Hyperlinks, Browsers, ISP?€™s
  • Load Pages In Web Page Editor And Browser
  • Store Pages As HTML And As Web Page Editor Documents
  • Print Data And Web Page (HTML) Code
  • Use Design Checker (Download Time, Text Frames, Etc)

Publishing To The Web

  • Publish Using FrontPage (Changed Pages Only, All Pages)
  • Recommend Use Of Alternative FTP Programs & Sites To Download From
  • Useful Software - Outline Use Of WinZip & Adobe Reader

Views Within FrontPage Explorer ?€? Provide Overview Of

  • Page, Folders, Reports, Navigation, Hyperlinks, Tasks

Compose A New Page

  • & Link With Other Pages
  • Naming & Linking Pages ?€? Significance Of Index.Htm Filename
  • Page Setup ?€? Header/ Footer, Margins, Title
  • Associate With Categories
  • Page Transition & Background Sound
  • Apply Background Fill/ Images
  • Banners
  • Add META-Tags
  • Set Page Options (Default Font, Thumbnail Size, etc)
  • Update Page Details (Date Modified,  Author Details, etc)

Format Text

  • Text properties (Colour, Font, Size, Etc)
  • Alignment, Indent
  • Bullets & Numbering
  • Styles ?€? Create New, Modify Existing
  • Style Sheet Links


  • Outline Difference Between PNG, GIF & JPEG Files
  • & Specify Position
  • Copy Images From The WWW And Import Into Site
  • Convert Graphic Types
  • Set Picture Properties
  • Use Of Picture Toolbar(Wrap Text, Rotate, Crop, Set Transparency, Etc)
  • Apply Dynamic HTML Animation Effects
  • Thumbnails


  • Use Of Tables Will Be Covered In Detail As Most Of The Structuring Will Be Carried Out Using Them
  • / / Merge/ Split Cells
  • Resize Rows & Columns (With Mouse, Distribute & Autofit)
  • Cell Padding, Alignment, Background Picture/ Colour


  • Outline Use Of Frames
  • Create, Resize, , Split Frames
  • Set Frame Properties (Resizable, Scroll Bars)


  • What Are Links? ?€? ALT Tagging Of Images To Benefit Users
  • Relative & Absolute Links
  • Link Pages To Create A Web Structure
  • Create Links As Standard Text, URL And Graphics
  • Break A Single Image Down To Hyperlink To A Number Of Pages ie Create Hotpoints

Create A Hyperlink To:

  • A Web Site Or File On The Internet ?€? Recommend Useful External Sites To Link To(Eg To Instruct Users To Download WinZip, Etc)
  • Another Page In Your Web Site
  • An Internet E-Mail Address
  • An Office File Imported Into The Site
  • Display And Verify Hyperlink Status
  • Insert/ Format Standard Objects
  • Insert Text, WordArt, Clipart, Video Clip, Picture From File (Eg Company Logo)
  • Position, Resize Objects
  • Align Objects, Send To Front/ Back/ Backward/ Forward
  • Format And Animate Objects (Colour, Background Fill, Line Colour)
  • Text Styles (Create, Modify And Apply)
  • Timestamp
  • Table of Contents
  • Horizontal Lines
  • Borders ?€? Apply to Individual/ All Pages
  • Import Files & Folders Into The Web


  • Create A Form
  • Add Fields To The Form
  • Set Data Entry Rules
  • Collect Information From Form (Send To Filename, Email Address, Database)
  • Set Up Confirmation Form
  • Create Search Form
  • Use Of Database Results Wizard


  • Office spreadsheet/ PivotTable/ chart
  • Banner ad manager
  • Hit counter
  • Hover button
  • Marquee
  • Include page
  • Scheduled picture/ include page
  • Search form
  • Table of contents


  • Check In/ Out Files
  • Line Breaks
  • Tools ?€? Spell Check, Replace, Etc
  • Active Elements (Hover Button, Marquee, Etc)
  • Create And Use Templates

Click here to download:

Microsoft Front Page

Enquire About This Course
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