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InDesign CS5 CS6 CC - Intro

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Adobe InDesign Intro

Our 2 day Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS5 CS6 CC course, provides a solid grounding in this powerful desktop publishing program.


Knowledge of the windows interface would be required. No experience of Adobe InDesign is necessary.



Students will learn how to produce both single page documents, newsletters and also multipage magazine layouts. The course covers the major page layout and text handling features of InDesign and shows how the program seamlessly incorporates Photoshop images and Illustrator artwork.

 Adobe InDeisgn CC training in Belfast and throughout NI

Course Content

Quick Tour of InDesign

  • What Is InDesign?
  • Navigating In InDesign
  • Zooming A Document

Basic Documents

  • Picas Measurement System
  • Document SetUp

Master Pages

  • Creating Masters
  • Applying Masters

Working With Frames

  • Modifying Text Frames
  • Modifying Graphics Frames
  • Wrapping Text Around An Object
  • Fitting The Content To The Frame
  • Modifying The Stroke Of A Frame
  • Transforming A Frame

Using Tables

  • Creating Tables
  • Formatting Tables
  • Creating A Table Using Tabs

Colours & Swatches

  • Adding Colours To The Swatches Palette
  • Applying Colours To Objects
  • Applying Fills And Strokes To Frames And Type 
  • Creating A Spot Colour
  • Applying Colour To Text

Tints and Gradients

  • Working With Gradients
  • Creating A Tint

Formatting Type

  • Character Formatting
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Styles
  • Text Inset Spacing

Working With Typography

  • Preparing And Using A Baseline Grid
  • Changing Type Spacing And Appearance
  • Adding Special Characters

Graphics and Layout

  • Placing And Manipulating Graphics
  • Text Wrap
  • Layers
  • Adding Graphics From Other Programs
  • Comparing Vector And Bitmap Graphics
  • Managing Links To Imported Files
  • Using A Library To Manage Objects


  • Applying Transparency
  • Transparency Effects And Blending Modes
  • Printing With Transparency

Preparing For Handoff to A Service Provider

  • Commercial Printing Overview
  • Printing
  • Packaging Files

Creating Acrobat PDF Files

  • PDF Files For The Web
  • PDF Styles
  • PDF Files For Printing

Importing and Editing Text

  • Flowing Text
  • Working With Styles
  • Showing Hidden Characters
  • Threading Text
  • Changing The Number Of Columns
  • Creating And Applying A Character Style
  • Finding And Replacing
  • Spell-Checking A Story

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Enquire About This Course
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