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InfoPath - Introduction 2010/2013/365

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InfoPath 2010 / 2013 & 365 Introduction Training Course in Belfast and Throughout Northern Ireland


InfoPath is an information-gathering program which enables you to create and deploy electronic forms to gather information.  This 2 Day course will provide delegates with the skills and knowledge needed to design forms by:

  • modifying an existing sample form
  • creating a new form
  • design and formatting
  • adding basic controls and lists
  • adding pictures
  • using views


Web designers, Office VBA developers, anyone who needs to gather and share XML-based form information.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to create and distribute forms that enable you to manage data.


Delegates should be proficient in Microsoft Office and some knowledge of HTML would be useful.

InfoPath training courses in Belfast Northern Ireland

Course Contents

Use InfoPath

  • Complete a Form

  • Share Forms through Outlook

  • Export to Excel and the Web


Create Forms

  • Draft a Form

  • Add a Validation Rule

  • Test a Form

  • Create Forms from Templates


Distribute Forms

  • Publish a Form Template


 Customise Form Layout

  • Change the appearance of a Form

  • Add/Configure fields ?€? text, date etc.

  • Insert Pictures, Online pictures

  • Customise Tables

  • Create Optional or Repeat Sections

  • Merge Forms


Manage Controls

  • Customise Controls

  • Apply conditional formatting to a Control

  • Populate Controls from a Data Source

  • Bind Controls


Manage Views

  • Create Custom Views

  • Set the Default View

  • Modify a View

  • Create a Print View

  • Assign User Roles to a View

  • Creating a records centre

  • Using policies to control document management


Applying Security

  • Protect InfoPath Forms

  • Set Security Zones

  • Restrict access to parts of a form


Working with a Database

  • Develop a Form from a Database

  • Add database records using Forms

  • Query a Database Using Forms

  • Export data to Excel / Outlook

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Enquire About This Course
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