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Lotus 123 - Interm

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This 1 day course progresses from the one day introduction course to study multiple worksheets, charts and drawings, databases, statistical functions and other useful features of Lotus 123


Users should have completed an Introduction to Lotus 123 course or are familiar with basic formulas and entering/ editing data

Course Objectives

Linking worksheets and workbooks,   Setting up, analysing and reporting on lists, Creating charts, If Statements, lookup Wizards ,  Other useful features of Lotus 123

Course Content

Splitting Screens

Freezing Panes


  • Hide Columns & Rows
  • Hide Worksheets


  • Stepping through Range Fill
  • Creating Custom Lists

Relative v. Absolute

If Function

  • Other Logical Operators

Lookup Tables

Multiple Worksheets

  • Navigating
  • Renaming sheets
  • Manipulating sheets
  • ingĀ§ Formatting
  • Calculating

File & Sheet Linking

Graphical Images

  • ing Pictures or Clipart
  • The Drawing Toolbar

Charts / Graphs

  • Chart Terms
  • Using the Chart Wizard
  • Formatting the Charts
  • Printing Charts


  • Data Form
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Advanced Filter
  • Calculating

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Lotus 123 - Intermediate

Enquire About This Course
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