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Microsoft Office 2010 - New Features

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Microsoft Office 2010 New Features Training in Belfast City Centre with Mullan Training

Having worked with applications in Microsoft Office 2000/ XP/ 2003, students must also get to know the new interface in the latest release of the application.

Course Objective:

Students will work and familiarize themselves with the new and updated interface of Microsoft Office 2010.

Target Audience:

Users with prior experience of previous versions of Microsoft Office suite who want an introduction to the new interface and using Office 2010.


Knowledge of prior versions of Microsoft Office suite of products (Excel, Word PowerPoint & Outlook).


Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Have an overview into the new user interface in Microsoft® Office 2010 Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook.
  • Have an insight into the tools that will be made available to help them transition to this new interface.

Introduction To Office 2010

  • What Is Office 2010?
  • Explore the new Fluent user interface and learn how to use it
  • Modifying and customising application settings (eg Saving in Previous Office formats, Setting default file locations, etc)
  • The Status Bar
  • Enhanced Screen Tips
  • Galleries
  • Ribbons and contextual tabs
  • The Quick Access and Mini Toolbars and customising them
  • The new file formats ?€? XML
  • Explore the MS flash Guides and how to us them

WORD 2010

  • Old Menu/New Location
  • Quick Styles
  • Style Set Gallery
  • Style Colour Gallery
  • Style Font Gallery
  • Cover Page
  • Table Styles
  • New Headers & Footers
  • New MailMerge

EXCEL 2010

  • Old Menu/New Location
  • Excel 2010 new features
  • New formula features
  • Themes and styles
  • Instant conditional formatting
  • New spreadsheet Dimensions
  • Cell & Table Styles
  • Enhanced Cell/Font Colour
  • Enhanced Chart Features
  • Page Layout View


  • Old Feature, New Location
  • PowerPoint 2010 new features
  • Ribbons vs task panes
  • Custom layouts
  • Slide Libraries
  • New Slide Masters
  • New Background Options
  • New WordArt Style Gallery
  • PowerPoint Themes


  • Outlook 2010 new features
  • The RSS reader
  • The To Do pane and its management
  • Sharing contacts
  • Locate Information Quickly/Searching in Outlook
  • Sending invites with 2010
  • New Task Views (flagging items for follow up/ To Do)
  • To-Do Bar
  • Colour Categories ?€? renaming & automatically applying to calendar entries
  • Attachment Previewing
  • New Calendar Views
  • Calendar Snapshots
  • Calendar Overlays

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Office 2010 - New Features

Enquire About This Course
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