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Power BI - Intro (2 Day)

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Our 2 days course covers the essential skills in Power BI, Extracting, Transforming and Loading data into the Data Model, then Visualising it with a rich set of Graphics, Charts and Dashboards, these can then be shared with colleagues or others with the Power BI service and in many other ways. We also cover Power Pivot in Excel and how that can feed data to Power BI and be combined in Dashboards and Visualisations.


Attendees should have a knowledge of Excel, and familiarity with Excel Functions like SUMIF and VLOOKUP. People with Database, Programming or other BI experience will be qualified for the course even if they don't have Excel experience.


What is Microsoft Power BI?

  • Understanding the Power BI environment.
  • Creating a Microsoft Power BI Account.
  • Installing Power BI Desktop.

Exploring Power BI Desktop

  • Working with the Fields and Visualisations Panes.
  • Using Report View to create visualisation.
  • Using Data View to sort and format data.

Understanding Data Sources in Power BI Desktop

  • Importing a variety of data sources into Power BI Desktop.
  • Connecting to Excel Workbooks, Access Databases, CSV files
  • and other data locations.

Creating a Data Model in Power BI Desktop

  • Understanding the Data Model.
  • Using Relationships View.
  • Creating Many-to-One relationships.
  • Understanding Filter Propagation.

Visualisations Workshop using Power BI Desktop

  • Adding visualisations to the Report Canvas. Understanding and controlling interactions between visualisations.
  • Using Drill Down and Drill Through on visualisations Creating and using Hierarchies.
  • Importing Custom Visualisations. (Course attendees can practise creating and designing a variety of the many interactive visualisations available in Power BI).

Introduction to DAX in Power BI Desktop

  • Exploring the importance of custom calculations within the Data Model.
  • Creating Calculated Columns & Measures.
  • Understanding Evaluation Context.
  • Using CountRows and DistinctCount Functions.
  • Advanced DAX functions: SUMX and CALCULATE.
  • Time Intelligence Functions.

Publishing to Power BI Service

  • Publish your Report to
  • Creating Dashboards.
  • Using Quick Insights.
  • Using Q & A for interactive data searching.

Importing Data into Power BI Service 

  • Connecting to a variety of cloud based data sources including OneDrive, Google Analytics, SQL Database, Azure and Web sites.  

Using Excel’s Power Pivot Data Model in Power BI Service

  • Using Excel, import data from a variety of sources into Power Pivot.
  • Creating a Power Pivot Data Model in Excel.
  • Importing a Power Pivot Data Model into Power BI Service.
  • Creating a variety of visualisations in Power BI Service using Power Pivot data.

Sharing Your Dashboards & Content Packs

  • How to Share your Interactive Power BI Dashboards with people both inside and outside your organisation.
  • Sharing using Power BI, Web, PowerPoint and others.
  • Importing a Power Pivot Data Model into Power BI Service.
  • Creating and Managing Content Packs.

Data Refresh

  • Manually refreshing data.
  • Installing and using Personal Gateway.
  • Installing and using the Enterprise Gateway.
  • Creating a Scheduled Refresh.

Using Power BI on Mobile Devices

  • Understanding the mobile clients.
  • Tablet clients, Windows 10, IPad and Android.
  • Differences between Iphone, IPad and Android clients.


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Microsoft Power BI

Enquire About This Course
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