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Outlook - Intro

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Our 1 day Microsoft Outlook Introduction training course is suitable for complete beginners to Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft 2013.

Outlook 2010 2013 training course in belfast northern ireland


A working knowledge of Windows is required, or our Introduction to MS Windows course. No experience of MS Outlook is required.


At the end of this course you will have a good working knowledge of Outlook basics. You will know how to

  • Set up Outlook Options like signatures and read receipts
  • Set up meetings across the network
  • Organise your calendar or delegate it to someone else
  • Manage your to-do list using Tasks, and even leave notes on the desktop 

Course Content

Starting Outlook

    • The File Tab and Backstage
    • Navigating Outlook
    • The Navigation Pane
    • Collapse the Folder Pane
    • Reading Pane
    • To Do Bar
    • People Pane
    • Folder View
    • Navigation Pop-Ups

 Working with Email

    • The Inbox
    • Creating an email
    • Addressing an email
    • Replying to an email
    • Forwarding an email
    • Setting a Follow-up Flag
    • Printing an email

 Email Message Options

    • CC and BCC fields
    • Setting a Sensitivity Flag
    • Setting a Follow Up for the Recipient
    • Read and Delivery Receipts
    • Message Expiry
    • Routing Replies to another Person
    • Delayed Delivery
    • Signatures
    • Email Options

 Working with Folders

    • Creating a Folder
    • Moving Mail Messages into Folders
    • Deleting a Folder

 Mail Attachments

    • Attaching a File to a Message
    • Saving an Attachment
    • Previewing Attachments
    • Opening an Attachment

 Using the Calendar

    • Day, Week, Month Views
    • Adding an Appointment
    • Setting Reminders
    • Time Status
    • Appointment Notes
    • Viewing and Editing Appointments
    • Navigating with the Date Navigator
    • Deleting an Appointment
    • Adding Events
    • Multi Day Events
    • Printing the Calendar
    • Calendar Options

 Responding to Reminders

    • Viewing Follow Up Details
    • Marking a Follow Up as Complete
    • Clearing a Flag
    • Working with Contacts/People
    • Creating a Contact
    • Adding a Contact from an Email
    • Changing Contact Views
    • Phone List View
    • Editing Contact Details
    • Adding Photos
    • Deleting a Contact
    • Flagging a Contact
    • Setting a Flag Reminder
    • The Global Address List
    • Contact Groups
    • Sending Mail to a Contact Group

 The Tasks Folder

    • Adding a Task
    • Setting Task Reminders
    • Task vs To-Do Views
    • Editing a Task
    • Marking a Task as Complete
    • Deleting a Task
    • Sorting Tasks

 Automatic Replies

 Working with Notes

Click here to download our Course Content:

Microsoft Outlook Intro

Enquire About This Course
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