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Outlook - Advanced

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Microsoft Outlook Advanced Training in Belfast City Centre and Throughout Northern Ireland


Outlook Advanced 2010 / 2013 is for people experienced with email who need to share information, or organise other people.  


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Format messages

  • Use the Address Book

  • Import and export Outlook data

  • Use the Rules Wizard

  • Create a folder and form in Outlook

  • Customise menus and toolbars in Outlook

  • Set Outlook options



Participants should be competent users of Outlook 2013 and should already be able to:

  • Send and read mail messages

  • Use the calendar to set appointments and meetings

  • Add contact information, tasks, journal entries and notes



Format Outlook Messages

  • Insert a File as Text into a Message

  • Check Spelling/Grammar as You Type

  • Run the Spelling and Grammar Checker

  • Apply Character Formatting

  • Format Paragraphs

  • Create a Bulleted List in a Message

  • Apply a Style to a Paragraph

  • Find Text in a Message

  • Use the Research Task Pane

  • Use the Thesaurus

  • Change the Message Background Colour

  • Insert a Picture into a Message

  • Switch Message Formats

  • Use Stationery to Create a Message


Use the Address Book

  • Work with the Address Book

  • Open the Address Book

  • Select a Different Address Book

  • Create a New Contact Entry

  • Copy an Address,

  • View Entry Properties

  • Find an Entry

  • an Entry

  • Set Address Book Options

 Outlook Advanced 2010 2013 training courses Belfast NI


Work with Rules

  • Use Rules

  • Create a Rule Based on a Message

  • a Rule

  • Create a Rule use the Rules Wizard

  • Chang the Value of a Rule

  • Edit a Rule

  • Create a Rule Based on a Template

  • Manage Alerts

  • Use the Out of Office Assistant

Outlook 2010 2013 Advanced training courses Belfast Northern Ireland 


Work with Files & Applications

  • Import Data into an Outlook Folder

  • Export Outlook Data

  • Forward a vCard

  • Attaching Outlook Items

  • Use Mail Merge with Word


Work with the Multiple E-mail Accounts

  • Set up Additional E-mail Accounts

  • Send Messages from Different Accounts

  • Access Mail from Different Accounts

  • Create Signatures for Multiple Accounts


Work with Folders

  • Use Folder Properties

  • Set Home Page Properties

  • Set Permissions Properties

  • Access Another User's Folder

  • Open a Folder in its Own Window,

  • Create a Personal Folder

  • Open an Outlook Data File

  • Set Global AutoArchive Properties

  • Set Folder AutoArchive Properties

  • Use the Mailbox Cleanup Dialog Box

  • Archive a Folder


Customize Views

  • Work with Custom Views

  • Move a Field in a View

  • Format a Column in a Tabular View

  • Filter a View

  • Reset a View

  • Group Items in a Folder

  • Format Settings for a View

  • Format the Settings for Other Views

  • Format Multi-line Layouts

  • Save a Custom View

  • Manage Views

  • Use Conditional Formatting


Add Shortcuts to the Navigation Pane

  • Work with the Favourite Folders Pane

  • Display the Shortcuts Pane

  • Create a New Group

  • Rename a Group

  • Add a Folder Shortcut

  • Rename a Folder Shortcut

  • a Folder Shortcut

  • a Group


Work with Junk Mail

  • Use the Junk E-mail Folder

  • Set Junk E-mail Options

  • Add to the Junk Filter Lists

  • Use Automatic Picture Download Options

  • Use Phishing Protection


Set Message & Security Options

  • Set E-mail Options

  • Set a Default Expiration Date

  • Read Messages in Plain Text

  • Set Default Message Fonts

  • Set Read Pane Options

  • Change Desktop Alert Settings

  • Use Digital Certificates

  • Encrypt Messages

  • View the Trust Centre


Set Other Outlook Options

  • Customize the Outlook Today Page

  • Use the Notification Area Menu

  • Set Calendar Options

  • Show an Additional Time Zone

  • Set Tasks Options

  • Set Notes Options

  • Set Journal Options

  • Set General and Startup Options

  • Set Reminder Options

  • Set Spelling Options

  • Set Delegates Options

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Microsoft Outlook Advanced

Enquire About This Course
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