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PowerPivot With Excel - Level 2

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We are currently delivering Online & Classroom Power Pivot Level 2 training - Classroom Based Training is delivered at our Belfast City Centre Premises in Amelia Street (based just opposite the Europa Hotel):


PowerPivot Level 2 Training in Belfast City Centre NI


PowerPivot is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010/2013 that enables you to import millions of rows of data from multiple data sources into a single Excel workbook, create relationships between heterogeneous data, create calculated columns and measures using formulas, build PivotTables and PivotCharts, and then further analyse the data so that you can make timely business decisions without requiring IT assistance. 

Our 1 Day PowerPivot Level 2 training course will enable delegates to utilise the PowerPivots application.


Delegates should be experienced Excel users, familiar with Pivot Tables & have a good understanding of PowerPivots (or have completed our Level 1 course).

Overview of Basic PowerPivot Concepts 

  • Handling Technical and Useless Columns*
  • Understanding Calculated Columns*
  • Using Lookup Tables*
  • Calculated Fields*
  • Handling Many Tables*
  • Using Slicers*

Power View 

  • Creating a Power View Report*
  • Type of Charts*
  • Maps 
  • Creating Tiles

Shaping Reports 

  • Defining KPIs 
  • Creating Hierarchies 
  • Properties for Power View Reports*
  • Named Sets in Excel 
  • Using Perspectives 
  • Drillthrough with PowerPivot 

PowerPivot Intermediate training courses in Belfast NI

Loading Data and Models 

  • Different Kinds of Data Connections*
  • Loading from Access 
    • Issues in the Query Designer 
    • Best Practices 
    • Using Linked Tables*
    • Loading from Excel Workbooks*
    • Loading from Text Files 

Data Models 

  • Why do PowerPivot Users need Data Modelling?*
  • Physical and Logical Data Models 
    • Normalization and Denormalization*
    • Understanding How and When to Denormalize 


  • Calculated Columns Examples* 
  • Calculated Fields Examples 
  • Introduction to the Execution Context (Row and Filter) 
  • Calculated Columns Vs Calculated Fields* 
  • Handling Errors in DAX 
  • DAX Functions
    • Statistical functions
    • Logical Functions* 
    • Information Functions 
    • Mathematical Functions*
    • Text Functions*
    • Date and Time Functions*

Table Functions and CALCULATE 

  • Filtering Table with FILTER 
  • Mixing ALL and Other Filters 
  • CALCULATE Examples and Relationships  

Basic DAX Patterns 

  • Banding in PowerPivot 
  • New and Returning Customers 
  • Compare Budget and Sales 
  • Many-to-Many Relationships 


Topics marked with (*) are covered in both Levels 1 and 2.

Click here to download our Course Content:

PowerPivot Level 2

Enquire About This Course
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