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PowerPivot with Excel - Level 3

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We are currently delivering Online & Classroom Power Pivot Level 3 training - Classroom Based Training is delivered at our Belfast City Centre Premises in Amelia Street (based just opposite the Europa Hotel):


PowerPivot Level 3 Training Courses in Belfast NI


Delegates should be experienced Excel & PowerPivot Users.

Course Content

SharePoint Integration 

  • PowerPivot for SharePoint
    • PowerPivot Gallery 
  • Publishing an Excel Workbook
    • Parameters Pane 
  • PowerPivot Data Refresh
    • Data Connections
    • User Credentials  

SharePoint and PowerPivot training courses in Belfast NI

Shaping Reports 

  • Defining KPIs*
  • Creating Hierarchies*
  • Named Sets in Excel*
  • Using Perspectives*
  • Drillthrough with PowerPivot*

Loading Data and Models 

  • Understanding Data Connections*
    • Different Kind of Connections*
    • Using Existing Connections*
  • Loading Tables from SQL Server 
    • Filtering Options 
    • Loading and Detecting  Relationships 
    • Loading from Views 
  • Loading from Access*
    • Issues in the Query Designer*
    • Best Practices*
  • Loading Data from Analysis Services
    • The MDX Query Designer 
    • Handling of Keys in SSAS 
    • OLAP cube or DataMart? 
  • Loading From Data Feeds
    • Reporting Services Reports
    • Internet Data Feeds
    • Windows Azure Data Market 
  • Loading From SharePoint 

Data Models 

  • Physical and Logical Data Models*
    • Normalization and Denormalization*
    • Empty and Default Values 
    • Understanding How and When to Denormalize*
    • SQL Query Designer as a Data Modelling Tool 
    • Different kinds of Joins 
    • Setting Relationship Manually 
    • Understanding OUTER Joins  
    • Date and Time Functions*

Table Functions and CALCULATE 

  • Filtering Table with FILTER*
  • Mixing ALL and Other Filters*
  • CALCULATE Examples and Relationships*

Time Intelligence in PowerPivot 

  • Why a Calendar Table is Useful*
    • Attribute Consolidation 
    • Common Calendar Calculations 
  • Creating a Calendar Table with Excel *
    • Excel Tips to Create a Calendar Table 
    • Working Days Calculation 
  • Common Calendar Calculations 
    • X To Date (YTD, QTD, MTD) 
    • Same Period Last Year 
    • Other Custom Aggregation Function 
    • Delta Over Previous Year  

Basic DAX Patterns 

  • Banding in PowerPivot*
  • New and Returning Customers*
  • Compare Budget and Sales*
  • Many-to-Many Relationships*
  • Merge Values from Different Tables 
  • ABC / Pareto Analysis


Topics marked with (*) are also covered in Level 2.

Click here to download our Course Content:

PowerPivot Level 3

Enquire About This Course
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