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PowerPoint - Adv 2010/2013/365

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 We are currently delivering Online PowerPoint training via our Virtual Classroom - see our websites for more info:

Our 1 day Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced course is suitable for those with a working knowledge of PowerPoint Microsoft versions 2010 / 2013 and Microsoft PowerPoint version 2016 / 365.

PowerPoint 2010 2013 Advanced training courses in Belfast City Centre NI

A good, basic understanding of PowerPoint or completion of our Introduction to MS PowerPoint course. 


The course covers the main advanced features of PowerPoint to create professional presentations. Delegates will learn how to

  • Create custom presentations & add multimedia
  • Add Action Buttons and Hyperlinks
  • Work with Embedded and Linked Objects from other Microsoft Office applications



SmartArt Illustrations

  • To Add Text to a SmartArt Graphic:        
  • To Convert Existing Text to SmartArt      

Enhanced Chart          

  • Additional Chart Types   
  • Chart Templates
  • Time-Scale Axes           
  • Rotated Text on Chart Axes        
  • Chart Data Tables         
  • Picture/ Text/ Gradient Fills        

Animation Effects & Multimedia Capabilities  

  • Preview the Animation   
  • Advanced Animation      
  • Animated Charts           
  • Voice Narration 
  • Music Tracks     


  • Changing the Brightness and Contrast of the Video           
  • Re-colouring a Video     
  • Add a Poster Frame to the Video 
  • Apply a Video Style       
  • Trim a Video     
  • Video Options
  • Video Triggers  


  • Place Graphic In Slide    
  • Insert a picture from a Web page           
  • Object Position on slide  
  • Add Graphic To Clipart Gallery    
  • Create, Edit & Clipart Collections   
  • Crop, Transparent, Reset           
  • Create Flow Charts        
  • Animation Clipart           

Action Buttons & Settings      

  • Use an Action Button to link to another slide        
  • Link to a Separate Presentation  
  • Hyperlink to a WORD Document 
  • Hyperlink to a WEB Address

Inserting Slides from Other Presentations     

Linking And Embedding Objects

Creating A Custom Show  

Report It         

  • Import Slides From external files WORD outlines  

Insert Comments        

  • Add a Review Comment 
  • Edit a review comment  
  • a review comment          
  • Move between review comments

Write On Slides during Presentation  

Prepare Slide Show    

  • Black And White
  • Set the properties         

Packaging Your Presentation for Cd   

About The PowerPoint Viewer

Broadcast a Slide Show          

Recording Your Show as a Video

Click here to download our Course Outline:


Enquire About This Course
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