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Project - Intro (1 Day) 2010/2013/365

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We are currently delivering Online Project training via our Virtual Classroom and Classroom Based Training from our Belfast City Centre premises in Amelia Street - see our websites for more info:


  • No previous experience of MS Project is required. 


  • Microsoft Project, the world's most popular project management software, is a powerful application that you can use to efficiently plan, manage, and communicate project information.
  • If you need software to handle dynamic scheduling, manage resources, and support better communication, Microsoft Project is the tool for you. It is designed for anyone who oversees a team, plans a budget, juggles schedules, or has deadlines to meet. 



  • StartProject
  • Summary Information ?€? Project, Stats, & Document
  • Link Projects & Insert Projects Into An Existing Project

Gantt Chart

  • Interpretation Of
  • Change The Timescale
  • Customise Screen & Chart

Task Relationships

  • The 4 Relationship Types
  • Establish Links
  • How To Use Slack
  • Lag & Lead Time
  • Outline The Schedule (ie Create Subtasks)

Task Properties

  • Task Duration Types
  • Milestones
  • Split Tasks
  • Sort Tasks
  • Set Time Constraints & Deadlines


  • Use Standard
  • Autofilters

Critical Path

  • GanttChartWizard
  • Display With Filter


  • Create Using Resource Sheet
  • Assign To Tasks

Resource Overallocation

  • Identify Affected Tasks
  • Resolve Overallocation

 Reduce Project Duration

  • Lag & Lead Time
  • Add Resources To Appropriate Tasks (Resource Driven)


  • Base, Project & Resource Calendar
  • Create Custom Calendars & Assign To Project & Resources
  • Edit Existing Calendar - Change Working Times, etc

 Baseline Plan

  • Use Of
  • Set Baseline
  • Update Baseline to Reflect Practical Changes

 Track Project Progress

  • Change Current Date Of Active Project
  • Enter Actual Data For Current/ Completed Tasks
  • Track In-Progress Tasks
  • Update Task & Project Progress
  • Use Reports & Statistics To View Project Progress
  • Compare Actual Progress with baseline plan - using alternative display formats

 Reports & Views

  • View & Customise Existing Reports

Click here to download our Course Outline:

Microsoft Project Intro - 1 Day

Enquire About This Course
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