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Project - Adv 2010/2013/365

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Microsoft Project - Advanced


We are currently delivering Online Project training via our Virtual Classroom - visit our new website for details on course dates & content:


A working knowledge of MS Project of attendance of our Introduction to MS Project course will allow sufficient knowledge to attend our Advanced MS Project course. 

This is an in-depth training course that's designed to help students get the most out of Microsoft Project. Upon completion of the course delegates will have a good understanding of some of the more advanced features of the product. 

Microsoft Project 2010 2013 Advanced training courses in Belfast city centre Northern Ireland


Project Views

  • Working With Views

  • Combination Views

  • Creating Your Own Views

  • Creating A Combination View

  • Placing Views On The Menu

  • Sharing New Views With Other Projects

More Tables And Filters

  • Overview Of Tables And Filters

  • Understanding Tables

  • Creating A New Table

  • Using The New Table

  • Exploring Filters

  • Creating A Custom Filter


  • Templates Overview

  • Examining Existing Templates

  • Creating A New Template

  • Using A Template

  • Modifying A Template

  • Changing The Global Template

  • Removing Items From The Global Template

  • Copying Items Between Projects

Other Applications

  • Exporting Overview

  • Copying To Microsoft Word

  • Copying To Microsoft Excel

  • Linking To Microsoft Excel

  • Exporting To Microsoft Excel

  • Exporting To Microsoft Access


Multiple Files

  • Multiple Files Overview

  • Working With Multiple Files

  • Creating A Workspace

  • Using A Workspace File

  • Hiding Files

  • Unhiding Files

  • Multiple Files Quick Reference

  • Linked Projects

  • Linked Projects Overview

  • Combining Multiple Projects

  • Using A Combined Project

  • Changing Data In A Combined Project

  • Saving A Combined Project

  • Opening A Combined Project

  • Projects

  • Breaking Project Links

  • Creating A Read-Only Sub-Project

  • Inserting Task Links


Shared Resources

  • Shared Resources Overview

  • Creating A Common Resource Pool

  • Linking To An External Resource Pool

  • Assigning Resources From A Pool File

  • Working With Shared Resources

  • Checking For Links

  • Managing Shared Resource Files

  • Creating A Resource Workspace


Down Sizing A Project

  • Downsizing Overview

  • Examining The Large Project

  • Creating Smaller Projects

  • Creating A Master Project

  • Aligning The Projects


Click here to download our Course Outline:

Project 2010_2013Adv

Enquire About This Course
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