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Project - Intro (2 Day) 2010/2013/2016

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We are currently delivering Online Project training via our Virtual Classroom - see our websites for more info:

No previous experience of MS Project is required. 


You Will Learn How To

  • Leverage Microsoft Project 2010/2013/2016 to plan and manage project schedules and resources
  • Build and optimise your project plan through best practice principles
  • Create, modify and organise calendars in order to control the project schedule
  • Track progress plans and monitor variances between target and actual project deliveries
  • Assign resources to tasks and troubleshoot overallocation conflicts

Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013 training in Belfast Lisburn Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland



Microsoft Project Basics

  • The Microsoft Project Screen
  • How Microsoft Project 2013 Works
  • Using The Ribbon
  • Understanding The Backstage View
  • The Project Work Area
  • Working With Views & Split Screens
  • Understanding Sheet Views
  • Working With Tables
  • Working The Gantt Chart View
  • Working With The QAT 

Creating a New Project

  • Creating A New Project File
  • Understanding The Calendar Options
  • Changing The Calendar Options
  • Working With Calendars
  • Modifying The Standard Calendar
  • Entering Public Holidays
  • Creating A New Calendar
  • Setting Up Project Information
  • Entering File Properties

Creating Tasks

  • Understanding Tasks
  • Understanding Scheduling Icons
  • Reviewing The Project
  • Entering Tasks
  • Creating Summary Tasks
  • Working In A Sheet View
  • Working With Summary Tasks
  • Working With Task Views
  • Examining Task Information
  • Understanding Task Durations
  • Entering Task Durations
  • Checking Progress
  • Entering Milestones


  • Understanding Task Dependencies
  • Creating Dependencies Automatically
  • Creating Dependencies In Task Entry
  • Creating Dependencies In Task Information
  • Creating Dependencies In A Sheet View
  • Fine Tuning A Schedule Using Dependencies
  • Auto Scheduling Tasks
  • Critical Path And Project Slack
  • Viewing The Critical Path
  • Examining Task Slack
  • Understanding Lag Time
  • Entering Lag Time
  • Understanding Lead Time
  • Entering Lead Time

Resourcing A Project

  • Understanding Resources
  • Entering Work & Material Resources
  • Entering Cost Resources
  • Assigning Calendars To Resources
  • Understanding & Adjusting Resource Availability
  • Changing Unit Display

Resourcing Concepts

  • Resource Assignment Calculations
  • Task Types And Work Effort
  • Creating A Simple Assignment
  • Working With Fixed Unit & Fixed Duration Tasks
  • Making Multiple Assignments
  • Adding Additional Resources
  • Adding More Of The Same Resource
  • More Resources In Multiple Assignments
  • Understanding Effort Driven Scheduling
  • Working With Non Effort Driven Tasks & With Effort Driven Tasks

Assigning Resources

  • Simple Resource Assignments
  • Assigning Part Time Resources
  • Understanding Work Contouring
  • Specifying Resource Usage
  • Contouring Work Hours
  • Assigning Specific Work Times
  • Work Times For Multiple Assignments
  • Problem Assignments
  • Assigning Resources In Task Information
  • Assigning Resources In A Sheet
  • Assigning Resources You Don't Have

Resources Levelling

  •  Understanding Resource Levelling
  • Creating Resource Chaos
  • Tracking Down Over Allocations
  • Checking Resource Usage
  • Creating An Over Allocation Report
  • Changing Work Effort
  • Understanding Overtime
  • Assigning Overtime
  • Hiring Contract Labour
  • Switching Work Assignments
  • Rescheduling Tasks

Assigning Materials

  • Assigning Fixed Material Consumption
  • Contouring Materials Usage
  • Adding More Material Assignments
  • Assigning Variable Usage Material
  • Adding To A Material Assignment
  • Checking Work For Materials


  • Understanding Project Costs
  • Reviewing Current Costs
  • Entering Variable Costs
  • Case Study Variable Costs
  • Assigning Daily Costs
  • Assigning Per Usage Costs
  • Assigning Fixed Costs, Assigning Material Costs
  • Using Another Cost Table
  • Applying A Different Cost Table
  • Changing Rates During A Project
  • Assigning Cost Resources
  • Viewing Project Costs

Constraints and Deadlines

  • Understanding Constraints And Deadlines
  • Reviewing Our Project
  • Adding A Constraint
  • Using Elapsed Time
  • Rescheduling Tasks
  • Creating A Deadline

Project Tracking

  • Creating A Baseline
  • Updating The Project Actuals
  • Manually Updating Tasks
  • Entering Delayed Tasks
  • Tracking Actuals On A Gantt Chart
  • Using The Tracking Box
  • Viewing Task Slippage 


  • Printing A Gantt Chart
  • Printing Sheet Views
  • Printing Tasks For Resources
  • Printing Resources For Task

Click here to download our Course Outline:

Project 2010_2013 Intro

Enquire About This Course
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