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Project Management Essentials

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Many accountants are thrust into a Project Management role or are doing their current job, but also completing the Project Management function for their business. Others may find themselves unable to control, influence or interface with their teams and projects due to a lack of basic project management knowledge. This course will provide accountants with an understanding of Project Management and will supply them with tools and techniques they can use to plan the scope and timeline required for their projects.


Upon completion of this course; the participant will:

  • Be able to identify and define the key project phases and stakeholders
  • Understand all phases of a project
  • Master fundamental project management skills, concepts, tools and techniques
  • Be capable of using the essential tools and techniques to plan a project
  • Estimate project resources and schedules 
  • Be able to schedule project tasks and work packages effectively
  • Be capable of producing and implementing a PM growth plan
  • Appreciate what project management can do for the business



  • The need for project management? 
  • The project life cycle 
  • Key stakeholders 
  • Exercise: Stakeholders
  • Exercise: Review of well-known project failures
  • What is project success
  • Your projects
  • Project management process groups & knowledge areas

 Project Initiation/Planning - Scope & Time:

  • Project charters and scope statements
  • Scope planning 
  • Work breakdown structure - WBS
  • Exercise: Create a WBS
  • Estimation
  • Exercise: Estimation
  • Schedule Planning 
  • Network Diagrams - Critical Path Method
  • Exercise: Critical Path
  • Fast Tracking
  • Crashing


  • Recap/Q&A session
  • Transfer to work situation
  • Close

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Project Management Essentials

Enquire About This Course
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