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Sharepoint - Intro

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We are currently delivering Online SharePoint training via our Virtual Classroom - see our websites for more info:


SharePoint is a collaborative portal application which offers online publishing of standard file formats. It also has version control, document approval and a basic search facility.

This course is designed for non-technical users who have had no or little exposure to SharePoint. Users in this category will be focused on Reading and Contributing information within the SharePoint Site environment.


The only pre-requisite for the course is that attendees are IT literate and have had some exposure to the MS Office suite of applications.  

No previous experience of SharePoint Online is necessary to attend this course.


  • Understand the role of SharePoint in the workplace
  • Log onto to SharePoint
  • Use Document Libraries
  • Use SharePoint Search Tools to find information
  • Use the functionality of a basic Team site
  • Create and use a Custom list
  • Use and Create a Document Workspace
  • Use and Create a Meeting Workspace

Course Content

Introduction to SharePoint 365

SharePoint Online for Office 365 Getting Started

  • Introduction to SharePoint and Office365
  • SharePoint site hierarchy
  • Understanding common SharePoint Terminology
  • What is the SharePoint Family Structure?
  • What are SharePoint permission structures?
  • Best Practice for SharePoint
  • Lesson 2 Working with Documents and Libraries in SharePoint Online

Understanding library app functions and navigation

  • Uploading individual documents to a document library
  • Uploading multiple documents to a document library
  • Adding metadata to a document within a document library
  • Connecting your libraries to Microsoft Office applications
  • Creating documentation directly within a SharePoint library
  • Document editing in a SharePoint library
  • Document versioning for SharePoint
  • Using email to share documents from a library
  • Exporting library information into MS Excel
  • Recycle Bin policies and deleting documents from a library
  • Recovering documents from the SharePoint Site Recycle Bin

Using the View functionality in SharePoint Online

  • Presenting information with Views
  • Creating a new view layout In a document library or List
  • Creating a 'Filter By' view
  • Collating data in a 'Group By' view
  • Modifying end editing Views
  • Removing ViewS

Understanding and Using Document Sets in SharePoint Online

  • What are Document Sets??
  • Setting up a Document Set within a library
  • Uploading data to populate a Document Set
  • Creating documents within a Document Set

Tracking Information in SharePoint Online

  • Introduction to Alert functionality. What are Alerts and why to use them.
  • Creating an Alert to track data in a library
  • Creating an Alert to track changes to individual items
  • Managing Alerts within a SharePoint Site

Working with List Apps in SharePoint Online

  • Introduction to List apps.
  • The Calendar App and its functionality in SharePoint
  • Connecting your SharePoint Calendar to an Outlook Calendar
  • Using a Task App and understanding its functionality
  • Syncing a SharePoint Task List App with Outlook
  • Understanding a Discussion Board
  • Using the Announcement App on a SharePoint Site

SharePoint Online and OneDrive For Business

  • Introduction to OneDrive and how it works with SharePoint
  • Syncing OneDrive with your SharePoint Libraries

SharePoint Online and Delve

  • Accessing relevant business information across SharePoint, Office365 and OneDrive with Delve
  • Connecting SharePoint to Delve
  • User profiles

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Enquire About This Course
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