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Visio - Intro

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 We are currently delivering Online Visio training via our Virtual Classroom - see our websites for more info:

Microsoft Visio gives business and technical users the power to visualise and communicate ideas, information, and systems.

Use the simple, flexible tools in Visio 2010 and 2013 to easily create business and technical charts and graphics that capture your inspiration and communicate it with impact. This is a 1 day course.


No previous experience of MS Visio is required.

Course Content

Getting Around Visio

  • The User Interface

  • The ribbons and toolbars

  • File tab

  • New file from template

  • Standard File Types

  • Zoom Settings

  • The shapes pane

  • Other panes

Drawing Basic shapes

  • Using the Drawing Tools

  • Drawing precise shapes (size and position Pane)

  • Selection Techniques

  • Adding shapes from stencils

  • Scale and Resize Objects

  • Duplicate Objects

  • Align Objects

  • Distribute Objects

  • Group Shapes

  • Rotate Objects

  • Connected Drawings

  • Create containers

Other Mouse Tools

  • Pointer tool

  • Connector tool

  • Connection point tool

  • Text tool

  • Rotate tool

Cross-Functional Flowcharts

  • Create a Cross-Functional Flowchart

  • Format a Cross-Functional Flowchart

  • Swim lanes

Organisation Chart

  • Create a basic Organisation Chart

  • Modify an Organisation Chart

Network Diagrams

  • Creating Background Pages

  • Add items to background pages (e.g. Logo)

  • Applying Background Pages

  • Insert and work with Fields

  • Import Graphics

  • Setting Snap and Glue Options

  • Print Your Diagrams

  • Use grid and Guides

  • Link Pages

  • Link to Other Files

  • Create and use layers

  • Add screen tips to a shape

  • Add a border and title

  • Use the re-layout tool 

Custom Features

  • Creating Custom stencils

  • Creating a Custom Master Shape

  • Add custom Shapes

  • Set Page, scaling and printing options

  • Reviewing and Commenting

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Visio - Intro

Enquire About This Course
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