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Windows 7 - Intro

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This 1 day course is designed to introduce the absolute beginner to the basic skills involved in Windows 7.


None - although you should be reasonably comfortable with a keyboard layout.


At the end of the course you should be able to understand all you need to know to start using Windows 7..

Course Content

Windows 7 Basics

  •  What is Windows 7?
  •  Starting Windows 7
  •  Introduction to the Desktop
  •  Working with Explorer Windows
  •  Working with Program Windows
  •  Resizing and Moving Windows
  •  Working with Dialog Boxes
  •  Getting Help
  •  Shutting Down Your Computer

Using the Desktop

  •  Working with the Start Menu
  •  How to Customize the Start Menu
  •  Creating Shortcuts
  •  Using the Taskbar
  •  Managing Multiple Windows
  •  How to Customize the Taskbar
  •  Working with Desktop Gadgets
  •  How to Switch Users

Working with Files and Folders

  •  Introduction to Files and Folders
  •  Viewing Folders
  •  Opening Folders and Files
  •  Exploring the Computer's Contents
  •  Searching for Files and Folders
  •  Creating and Renaming Folders
  •  Selecting Files and Folders
  •  Moving, Copying, and Deleting Files
  •  Using the Recycle Bin

Personalizing Windows 7

  •  Introduction to the Control Panel
  •  Personalizing the Desktop
  •  Modifying the Color Scheme
  •  Changing the Monitor Resolution
  •  Selecting a Screen Saver
  •  Personalizing Sound Effects
  •  Fine-Tuning System Settings
  •  Modifying Folder Options
  •  Customizing the Startup Folder
  •  Adding and Changing User Accounts

Exploring Print Features

  •  Printing with Windows 7
  •  Adding a Printer
  •  Working with the Print Dialog
  •  Working with the Print Queue
  •  Troubleshooting Printer Problems
  •  Installing Fonts

Working with Applications and the Internet

  •  Introduction to Windows Media Programs
  •  Burning Files to CD and DVD
  •  Creating XPS Documents
  •  Installing Additional Software
  •  Setting Up an Internet Connection
  •  Introduction to Internet Explorer



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Windows7 Intro

Enquire About This Course
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