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Word Core MOS Exam Skill Standards

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Exam skill standards are categories of examination tasks, identified by subject-matter experts, that certify an ability to productively use Microsoft Office Programmes.

These categories are organised within skill sets representing the more basic functions of each Office Programme. Exam skill standards and skill sets for the Microsoft Office Word exam are provided below to assist in your exam preparation.

Creating Content

  • and edit text, symbols and special characters
  • frequently used and pre-defined text
  • Navigate to specific content
  • , position and size graphics
  • Create and modify diagrams and charts § Locate, and insert supporting information

Organising Content

  • Insert and modify tables
  • Create bulleted lists, numbered lists and outlines 
  • Insert and modify hyperlinks

Formatting Content

  • Format text 
  • Format paragraphs
  • Apply and format columns
  • Insert and modify content in headers and footers § Modify document layout and page setup


  • Circulate documents for review
  • Compare and merge documents
  • Insert, view and edit comments
  • Track, accept and reject proposed changes

Formatting and Managing Documents

  • Create new documents using templates
  • Review and modify document properties
  • Organise documents using file folders
  • Save documents in appropriate formats for different uses
  • Print documents, envelopes and labels
  • Preview documents and Web pages
  • Change and organise document views and windows

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Word Core Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Skil Standards

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