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Word VBA Foundation

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This course takes the user beyond recording a basic macro and introduces the power of VBA, the programming language behind Word. You will be learning basic programming fundamentals, but this is a non-technical course, suitable for Word users at any level.

Microsoft Word VBA training courses in Belfast Northern Ireland


On completion of this course attendees will be able to:

  • Insert and manage a variety of Word fields, including form fields;
  • Record and play back macros;
  • Add macros to command buttons and shortcuts;
  • Understand VBA syntax fundamentals;
  • Use Objects, Properties, Methods and Decision Structures;
  • Interface with the user via input and message boxes;
  • Declare Variables;
  • Perform programme looping and debugging.


Attendees should have working knowledge of Word and have a requirement to automate this work.

Duration: 2 Days

Course Outline

Getting Started

  • Introducing Visual Basic for Applications
  • Recording a macro
  • Running a macro
  • Editing a macro in the Visual Basic editor
  • Understanding the development environment
  • Using Visual Basic help
  • Closing the Visual Basic editor

 Working with Bookmarks and Fields

  • Defining and using bookmarks
  • Predefined bookmarks
  • Selecting a bookmark in a macro
  • Inserting fields
  • Viewing field results or codes
  • Field keys: useful fields
  • Field switches

Working with Procedures and Functions

  • Understanding modules
  • Creating a standard module
  • Understanding procedures
  • Creating a sub procedure
  • Calling procedures
  • Naming procedures
  • Working with the code editor

 Using Expressions, Variables and Intrinsic Functions

  • Understanding expressions and statements
  • Declaring variables
  • Understanding data types
  • Working with variable scope
  • Understanding constants
  • Using intrinsic constants
  • Using message boxes
  • Using input boxes

Understanding Objects

  • Understanding objects
  • Navigating the Word object hierarchy
  • Understanding collections
  • Using the object browser
  • Working with properties
  • Using the with statement
  • Working with methods
  • Declaring and using object variables

 Controlling Program Execution

  • Understanding control-of-flow structures
  • Using the if...end if decision structures
  • Using the select case...end select structure
  • Using the Do...Loop structure
  • Using the For...Next structure
  • Using the For Each...Next structure

 In-Line Forms

  • Creating an on-line form
  • Creating a form: form field options
  • Protecting forms: save forms data only
  • Printing a form
  • Macros and form fields

User Forms and Controls

  • Creating User Forms
  • Using the toolbox
  • Working with User Form properties, events and methods
  • Understanding controls
  • Setting control properties in the properties window

 Debugging Code

  • Understanding errors
  • Using debugging tools
  • Setting breakpoints
  • Stepping through code
  • Using break mode during run mode
  • Determining the value of expressions

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Microsoft Word VBA_Foundation

Enquire About This Course
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