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Adobe Premiere Training Course in Belfast Northern Ireland OR On your Own Premises - Digital Video Editing Intro to Adobe Premiere - CALL NOW TO BOOK

29 May 2020

Adobe Premiere is a widely used, user-friendly digital video editing package. This one-day introductory course will demonstrate all of the primary functions of Premiere. It is intensive and delegates are encouraged to be creative.


Knowledge of the windows interface would be required. No experience of Adobe Premiere is necessary.


On completing the course delegates will be able to develop their skills from a solid foundation of basic knowledge. The training sessions will be project-based working from digitising audio-visual material, to editing, and outputting material for inclusion within multimedia. You will develop an understanding of both digital and analogue video editing, which can then be used to progress to higher end audio-visual editing packages.

Course Content

Starting a New Project, Loading Presets and Preferences

  • Understanding files sizes and storage requirements
  • Starting a new project
  • ing different presets
  • Preferences

The Premiere Work Area & Customising Windows

  • The functions and uses of each window
  • Moving, resizing, adding and removing windows
  • ing different presets
  • Saving a customised layouts

Project Window & Media Management

  • Tour through the options for the Project window
  • Importing files
  • Creating bins
  • Different views
  • Creating new items
  • Clearing (deleting) items


  • Setting up the capture window
  • Controlling a DV device
  • Capturing on-the-fly
  • Using in-points & out-points
  • Scene detection

The Source Viewer

  • Loading a clip into the source viewer
  • Scrubbing, shuttle & jog controls
  • Source window controls
  • Adding in-points & out-points
  • Using & overlay to add clips to the timeline

The Timeline

  • Explanation of the toolbar
  • Explanation of tracks for video & audio
  • Zooming in and out of the timeline
  • Manipulating clips & objects on the timeline

Adding Transitions & Rendering

  • Adding transitions including the default transition
  • The effect control window
  • Realtime playback
  • Work area bar and rendering

Applying Video Effects

  • Adding video effects
  • The effect control window
  • Altering effect settings

Audio Editing

  • Showing clip volume
  • Adding audio keyframes (rubberbanding)
  • Adding audio transitions
  • Adding audio effects

Adding Titles & Stills

  • Creating titles
  • Using title templates
  • Addng titles stills to the timeline
  • Adding dissolves to titles & stills

Exporting Files

  • Exporting to an avi file
  • Export to DVD

Output to DV

  • Changing the playback settings
  • Exporting to DV

Discounts on Public Courses

  • held at Mullan Training suites ?€? opposite Europa hotel
  • full price for 1st delegate
  • 10% reduction 2nd delegate
  • 20% for 3rd and subsequent delegates
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