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Intro to Adobe Illustrator CS5 CS6 CC Training in Belfast Northern Ireland - OR On your Own Premises - course run at our premises: Call NOW to Book - Discounts for Multiple Bookings

21 May 2020

Our Introduction to Adobe Illustrator is designed to provide delegates with the basics of creating and editing vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator.


No experience of Adobe Illustrator is necessary.


Delegates will learn when to use vector graphics rather than bit-mapped, how to use the comprehensive ion of drawing tools, building up an illustration with objects and using type in illustrations.

Course Content

Introduction to the Interface

  • Overview of the Toolbox
  • Exploration of the Palettes
  • The Info Bar
  • Understanding Document
  • Page Setup
  • Setting up the Artboard
  • Magnification & Views
  • Setting Document Preferences
  • Bitmapped vs Raster Images
  • Drawing B?©ziers Curves & Lines
  • Adding & Deleting Points
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Various Tools:

  • Scissors & Knife Tools
  • Cutting & Joining Paths
  • Pencil Tool
  • Smooth Pencil Tool
  • Eraser
  • Reshape Tool - Editing Paths
  • Drawing tools:
  • Rectangle, Ellipse, Star,
  • Polygon & Spiral

Using Smart Guides

  • Manipulating Objects
  • Moving & Copying Objects
  • Controlling the Stacking Order
  • Grouping & Ungrouping

Transform Tools:

  • To Scale, Reflect, Shear
  • & Rotate Objects
  • Free Transform Tool


  • Creating Process Colours
  • Specifying Spot Colours
  • Choosing Pantone Colours
  • Using The Swatches Palette
  • Adding & Deleting Swatches
  • Applying Fill & Stroke Colour

Exploring The Stroke Options

  • Copying Colour Attributes to different objects
  • Using The Eyeper Tool
  • Using The Paintbucket Tool

Creating Blends

  • Creating A Smooth Colour Blend
  • Specifying Steps For A Blend Path

Creating Compound Paths

  • Creating Masks
  • Using Objects As Masks
  • Creating A Freehand Mask
  • Using Type As A Mask
  • Pathfinder Filters

Other filters explored

  • Creating & editing type
  • Formatting type to include:
  • Typeface, type size, type style,
  • Leading & kerning

Discounts on Public Courses

  • held at Mullan Training suites ?€? opposite Europa hotel
  • full price for 1st delegate
  • 10% reduction 2nd delegate
  • 20% for 3rd and subsequent delegates
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