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Microsoft Access Introduction Training in Belfast Northern Ireland - 1 Day Course - Online Training Course

17 May 2023

Our 1 day Introduction to MS Access course is suitable for complete beginners to Microsoft Access.


A working knowledge of Windows is required, or our Introduction to MS Windows course. No experience of MS Access is required.


At the end of this course you will have a good working knowledge of MS Access. You will feel more confident using Access, and be able to create a database from scratch.

Understanding and using tables, fields and records and the rules for entering your data is the foundation from which you can create simple queries, use forms and, ultimately create reports.

After completing this course you will be prepared to attend the Advanced MS Access training course.

Course Content

Views Available Within Access

  • Table
  • Query
  • Report
  • Form
  • Switch Between Design View and Datasheet View/ Form View/ Preview/ Run

Create New Database File

  • Why Create a File First
  • Object Naming Rules

Database Tables ?€? Create

  • Field Names
  • Data Types - corresponding field properties and how they differ according to the data type ed
  • Primary Key Fields
  • Format
  • Caption
  • Required
  • Input Mask
  • Validation rule
  • Indexing
  • Create lookups to standardise data entry

Database Tables ?€? Manipulate Records

  • Sort Records
  • Records & Fields
  • Use Find & Find And Replace
  • Rename Fields
  • Use The Filter/ Sort Facility (By Selection, By Form, Advanced Filter/ Sort)

Define Relationships

  • Establish Relationships (One-Many, One-One)
  • Enforce Referential Integrity
  • Cascade Update/ Related Fields


  • Why To Use The Form To Input Data
  • Create With And Without The Wizard
  • Form Types - MultiTable, Columnar, Justified, SubForms
  • Move Labels And Fields Around The Form (Together And As Individual Items)
  • Align Objects, Snap To Grid
  • Adjust ?€?Fineness?€? Of Grid
  • Adjust The Form Size
  • Select And Move/ Resize Multiple Objects
  • Set Background Fill, Text Colour
  • Sections Of A Form
  • Toolbox (Combo Box, Command Buttons, Drawing Tools, Pointer)
  • Introduce Command Buttons


  • Select
  • Parameter
  • CrossTab
  • Summary
  • Incorporate Calculated Fields


  • Create Reports Using The Wizard
  • Display Specific Records
  • Sort Records By Specified Fields
  • Apply Page Header/Footer
  • Specify Layout Of The Report
  • Specify Grouping Levels
  • Calculated Fields
  • Create Parameter Report

Create User Interface

  • How To Create A Database That Will Allow Non-Access Users To Enter/ View Data & Run Reports
  • Create Splash Screen
  • Use Of The Autoexec Macro & StartUp
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