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Microsoft Expression Web - replacement for Microsoft Expression course

30 April 2020

This Expression Web training course is for students interested in learning Microsoft Expression Web to design attractive, CSS-based, scalable web sites and front-ends for web-based applications.


A working knowledge of Windows is required. No experience of web design is required.


  • Build, deploy, and maintain interactive web sites
  • Layout text on pages using HTML and CSS
  • Create and maintain hyperlinks to pages on other sites, pages within the same site, and to points within the same page
  • Control styles and page layout with CSS
  • Add interactive behaviors
  • s

Course Content

Introduction to the Web and HTML

  • Client-Server Model
  • Definition of HTTP
  • Static pages vs. Dynamic pages (ColdFusion, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, etc.)
  • What is a "webmaster?"

Exploring Expression Web

  • Expression Web Interface
  • Task Panes in Expression Web
  • Expanding and Collapsing Task Panes
  • Code View vs. Design View
  • Using the Toolbars
  • Using the Visual Aids

Creating Sites

  • Creating Template-based Sites
  • Creating New Pages in a Template Site
  • Creating a Page from Scratch
  • Creating a Page using CSS Layout
  • Previewing in Browser
  • Import Site Wizard

Working with Text and Page Format

  • HTML Structural Tags
  • Changing the HTML Title with Expression Web
  • Format Font, Size, Color and other Text Properties
  • Heading and Block Level Code
  • Creating Bulleted Lists
  • Using Horizontal Rules and other HTML tags
  • Inserting Special Characters

Creating Links

  • Adding Links
  • Adding ScreenTips
  • E-mail
  • Changing Links
  • Removing Links
  • Link within Page (Bookmarks)

Images & Backgrounds

  • Inserting Images
  • Note about Accessibility and the alt attribute
  • Adding a Background Image
  • Editing Images Directly in Expression Web

Interactive Buttons & Rollover Images

  • Adding the Swap Image Behavior
  • Adding Interactive Buttons

Auto Thumbnail

  • Auto Thumbnail Options

Image Maps (Hotspots)

  • Add a Map with "Hot Spots" to the Locations Page

Cascading Style Sheets

  • Quick Lesson in CSS ors
  • Manage CSS Styles with Expression Web
  • Creating a New Styl
  • Applying CSS Classes to Page Content
  • Attaching an Existing Style Sheet
  • Moving Styles to an External Style Sheet

Page Layout with CSS Layers

  • Designing Layouts with pre-built "CSS Layouts"
  • Using CSS Layers in Expression Web


  • What is Java?
  • Events vs. Actions

Behavior: Jump Menu

  • Demo: Democratic Governors' Association
  • Adding the Jump Menu Behavior
  • How to Select the First Option? Adding a "Go" Button
  • Behavior: Open Browser Window
  • Creating Fake Links with Java
  • Behavior: Change Property (Dynamic Visibility)
  • Changing Font, Font Color, Borders
  • Open Browser Window
  • Open Browser Window


  • Page Layout with Tables (optional)
  • Merge Cells
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