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NEW COURSE - Digital Marketing Course in Belfast - Web Marketing Fundamentals Course with Mullan Training

Duration: 1 Day

Course Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of various Web marketing techniques 
  • Develop efficient online Web marketing plans 
  • Conduct Web search engine and directory promotions
  • Deploy highly personalised Web-based marketing
  • Exploit the potential of mass Web marketing using viral techniques
  • Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of Web marketing

Web Marketing Fundamentals Training Course in Belfast NI

 SEO, Google Analytics and Internet Marketing training courses in Belfast Northern Ireland


Course Content 

Web Marketing Fundamentals

  • Low Risks, Costs and More Benefits 
  • Broad Customer Base 
  • Push-Pull Strategy 
  • Powerful Branding 
  • Prospect Generation 
  • Building Trust 
  • Giving and Selling 
  • Reasons for Failure

Web Marketing Plans

  • Strategic Planning
  • Situation Analysis 
  • Customer Analysis 
  • Market and Product Focus 
  • Pricing Strategy 
  • Product Distribution 

One-To-One Web Marketing

  • Site Personalisation 
  • Building Web Site Community 
  • Targeted Advertisement Delivery 
  • Real-time Product Customising 
  • Online Customer Service and Sales

Viral Web Marketing

  • Viral Internet Marketing - Rapid, Inexpensive, Harmless and Unobtrusive 
  • Viral Marketing Techniques 
  • Successful Viral Marketing Strategies 

Web Search Engine & Directory Marketing

  • Robot Compiled Search Engines 
  • Human Compiled Directories 
  • Pay-Per-Click Search Engines 
  • Important International / Regional Search Engines & Directories 
  • Correct Web Site Promotion Procedures 

Web Marketing Intro training course in Belfast Northern Ireland, SEO and Social Media training


Measuring e-Marketing Success

  • Measuring Hits 
  • Measuring User Sessions 
  • Measuring User Click-Paths 
  • Measuring Revenues 
  • Measuring Tools
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