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New! QuickBooks Intro course in Belfast City Centre Northern Ireland

2 June 2020

This Quickbooks Intro course is 1 Day in duration.


A good working knowledge of computers/Windows and a knowledge of bookkeeping.


After completion of this course, students will be able to do the following:


  • Working with forms, lists and registers
  • Track revenue by invoices and sales receipts
  • Receive customer payments and make deposits
  • Enter expenses paid from bank and credit card accounts
  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
  • Generate basic reports



?€¢           New Features

?€¢           Creating Your Company File

?€¢           Identifying Components of QuickBooks Environment

?€¢           QuickBook Preferences 


Customizing QuickBooks

?€¢           Setting Up Users

?€¢           Creating & Using the Chart of Accounts


Working with Customers & Jobs

?€¢           Creating Customer List

?€¢           Creating Estimates

?€¢           Invoicing from Estimates

?€¢           Invoicing Customers

?€¢           Receiving Payments

?€¢           Creating Deposits

?€¢           Creating Credit Memos

?€¢           Creating Statements


Working with Vendors

?€¢           Working with Vendors

?€¢           Entering Bills

?€¢           Paying Bills


Working with Items & Inventory

?€¢           Working with Items

?€¢           Creating Purchase Orders

?€¢           Receiving Items

?€¢           Creating Bills for Items

?€¢           Paying for Items

?€¢           Manually Adjusting Items


Working with QuickBooks Registers

?€¢           Working with Registers

?€¢           Creating Entries & Writing Checks


Reconciling Statements

?€¢           Reconciling Statements


Working with Loans

?€¢           Setting Up Loans in the Chart of Accounts

?€¢           Creating Loan Payments


Working with Credit Cards

?€¢           Setting Up Credit Card Accounts

?€¢           Entering Credit Card Transactions

?€¢           Creating Credit Card Payments


Customizing Forms

?€¢           Form Customization

?€¢           Layout Designer



?€¢           Working with Reports

?€¢           Customizing Reports

?€¢           Memorizing Reports


Working with Sales Tax

?€¢           Working with Sales Tax Items

?€¢           Paying Sales Tax

?€¢           Other QuickBook Features

?€¢           Searching in QuickBooks

?€¢           Creating To-Dos

?€¢           Mail Merges

?€¢           Memorizing Transactions

?€¢           Customizing the Icon Bar

?€¢           Backing Up


Contact us for further details of this course


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