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New! QuickBooks Intro course in Belfast City Centre Northern Ireland

1 May 2018

This Quickbooks Intro course is 1 Day in duration.


A good working knowledge of computers/Windows and a knowledge of bookkeeping.


After completion of this course, students will be able to do the following:


  • Working with forms, lists and registers
  • Track revenue by invoices and sales receipts
  • Receive customer payments and make deposits
  • Enter expenses paid from bank and credit card accounts
  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
  • Generate basic reports



           New Features

           Creating Your Company File

           Identifying Components of QuickBooks Environment

           QuickBook Preferences 


Customizing QuickBooks

           Setting Up Users

           Creating & Using the Chart of Accounts


Working with Customers & Jobs

           Creating Customer List

           Creating Estimates

           Invoicing from Estimates

           Invoicing Customers

           Receiving Payments

           Creating Deposits

           Creating Credit Memos

           Creating Statements


Working with Vendors

           Working with Vendors

           Entering Bills

           Paying Bills


Working with Items & Inventory

           Working with Items

           Creating Purchase Orders

           Receiving Items

           Creating Bills for Items

           Paying for Items

           Manually Adjusting Items


Working with QuickBooks Registers

           Working with Registers

           Creating Entries & Writing Checks


Reconciling Statements

           Reconciling Statements


Working with Loans

           Setting Up Loans in the Chart of Accounts

           Creating Loan Payments


Working with Credit Cards

           Setting Up Credit Card Accounts

           Entering Credit Card Transactions

           Creating Credit Card Payments


Customizing Forms

           Form Customization

           Layout Designer



           Working with Reports

           Customizing Reports

           Memorizing Reports


Working with Sales Tax

           Working with Sales Tax Items

           Paying Sales Tax

           Other QuickBook Features

           Searching in QuickBooks

           Creating To-Dos

           Mail Merges

           Memorizing Transactions

           Customizing the Icon Bar

           Backing Up


Contact us for further details of this course


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